Reminder to Member’s that Monday 21st October is our Club AGM.  To be held in the Camus Cross Room from 7:30pm

Agenda is as follows:-

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Confirmation of Minutes ot the AGM held 22nd October 2018

4. Business Arising from previous Meeting

5. Annual Reports for Financial Year ended 30th June 2019

6. Notice of Motion

6.1 Amendment to Rule 3.4.1 relating to Life Member

7. Life Membership

7.1 Nomination to elect Robert Vaughan as a Life Member

8. Election of Board Members

8.1 Kaye Rollinson – Chairman

Danny Answerth – Director

Chris Harrison – Director

Jim Kennedy – Director

8.2 As there are 4 nominees for 4 positions, no election is required.  Motion that the above 4 nominees be accepted as Directors and Chairman of the Board for a term of 2 years.

9. Appointment of Auditors

10. General Business