R.E. Ross Trophy



Board Event. 

Perpetual Trophy and Individual Trophy.

Trophies presented at Annual Presentation Day. 



As set by committee (see Handbook for exact dates).

Final to be determined by committee 

Competition & Administration:


4BBB Par

2 Rounds of Qualifying

Top (4) team scores to qualify for match play

Qualifiers will be determined by countback system

Entry through timesheet as per normal Saturday 

Course Set Up:


Tee Markers of the Day

Pin placements of the day. 

Eligibility & Competition Conditions:


Open to all Male Amateur Members

The player’s daily handicap used will be the one available from the Pro-shop on the day of play.

Match play event using the Match Index from the scorecard to determine holes where strokes are given.  The player with the lowest handicap goes back to zero and ALL other players are given a stroke(s) on the holes listed on Match Index equal to the difference the player’s handicaps.  For example if Player A is off 8, B off 22, C off 15, D off 27, the “new handicaps” become 0, 14, 7, 19.  B, C & D are given a stroke on the holes marked at or below their “new handicaps” according to the Match Index.  Player D gets 2 strokes on hole with a Match Index of 1.

If the match is still tied after 18 holes the game continues as sudden death from the first hole, until a hole is won.  Strokes are taken using the Match Index.  

Players may mutually agree to re-convene the match if there is insufficient light or other unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that a match is stopped before its conclusion by a cancellation of play, if less than 6 holes have been completed, the match will be cancelled, the score disregarded and the match replayed at a later date. 



Qualifying teams will be given preference on the timesheet.

Top 4 will be determined from those pairs deemed available for both rounds of matchplay

A team may be represented by one player. An absent player may join the match at the commencement of any hole. In determining handicap differences an absent player’s handicap is taken in to account.

 In Match play, the ball the greatest distance from the hole plays first. In Four Ball Match play balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the team considers best. 


Bill’s ball is 25 metres from the hole, Mary’s is 7 metres from the hole, John’s is 3 metres away and Joan’s 10 metres. Bill and Mary can decide that Mary should play first.

There are no penalties for playing out of order. However, before any other shots are played, the opposing team may require the shot played out of order to be played again.